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The following is a list of Contractors who have satisfied a Westheight homeowner. The contractors are recommended by the neighbor listed after the contractor's name and specialty. Contact the Neighbor for further information.

DOORS, installation:
Lowe Custom Builders Inc.
DeRryck Lowe - Owner
contact: 913-287-8231 or 913-271-0834
recommended by: Sarah Pike, "They spent a lot of time making sure the door was hung straight and opened correctly"

STUCCO, repair:
Wyatt's Remodeling
7312 S Park Road
Kansas City, MO 64129
Phone: (816) 923-6177
recommended by: Rick Yarnell, "The stucco patch work was a very close match to the pattern of the existing stucco. Really impressed by the care they took to match the old stucco."

If you are a satisfied customer of a contractor, who did a good job in working on your house, let us know. Call Rick Yarnell, or send an e-mail, and tell him the name of the cotnractor, and the quality of the work they did. Your neighbors will thank you!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions of the individuals stated here are expressly their own opinions. The Historic Westheight Neighborhood Association does not independently verify nor support any particular contractor, and expresses no opinion on such work or workers. No warranty here is either expressed or implied.

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This page last updated June 8, 2008.