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The following information is provided by the Kansas Historic Preservation Office 

Listing a Property


Properties eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and the Register of Historic Kansas Places retain their original interior and exterior appearance to a fairly high degree, are fifty years or older, and have the potential to be documented as historically significant at either the local, state, or national level. Many different property types are listed on each register, including but not limited to barns, banks, courthouses, libraries, houses, ranches, battlefields, hospitals, roads, bridges, rail depots, and archeological sites. In most cases, if a property meets the criteria of age, integrity, and potential significance, the nomination process takes between eight to twelve months. Our office provides direction for the research necessary to complete the nomination, relying heavily on the time and efforts of the nomination sponsor to accomplish that research.

Interested parties may begin the register process by completing the Preliminary Site Information Questionnaire, and returning the application to the Kansas Historic Preservation Office (KHPO). If a property appears eligible for either the National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places, the sponsor is sent a research guide, an example nomination, and a nomination form to assist in the development of the nomination. The example nomination shows how different types of information can be combined to tell the history of the property. Many properties can be documented quite successfully using public records such as census reports, deeds, tax records, and newspapers in addition to secondary source histories, architectural drawings and photographs. Historic photographs are a very important source of information. These records can be found at local libraries, university research libraries, county courthouses, and local and state historical societies, as well as under private ownership. Many of the Kansas State Historical Society records are available on microfilm through interlibrary loan.

Once the sponsor has completed the research on the property and compiled it into a working draft, it is sent to KHPO for review and evaluation. Often, the sponsor will be asked to provide additional information regarding the history of the property. KHPO staff will work with the sponsor to ensure that all aspects of the nomination forms are accurately completed, so that the final product will be ready to present to the Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review for nomination consideration. When the property has been thoroughly documented and a site visit to the property has been made by KHPO staff, it is considered for nomination to either the National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places by the Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review.

For more information about the National Register of Historic Places and the Register of Historic Kansas Places or to request a Preliminary Site Information Questionnaire please contact the Kansas Historic Preservation Office by one of the following methods:
  • Telephone @ 785-272-8681, ext. 240
  • FAX @ 785-272-8682
  • TTY @ 785-272-8683
  • Internet E-Mail to