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 Rehabilitating an Historic Structure



Kansas Historic Preservation Law

State and Federal Preservation Standards

The Kansas Historical Preservation Office

The National Register

Listing a Property on the National Register

Grants and Incentives

The Historical Preservation  Board of Review

A List of Historic Sites in Wyandotte County

Unified Government Landmarks Ordinance

The Landmarks Commission

Homeowner's Guide to Real Estate Property Tax

A Guide to appealing your Real Estate Tax Valuation

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The following information is provided by the Kansas Historic Preservation Office 

Grants and Incentives

State Tax Credit for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings in Kansas

Kansas House Bill 2128 created a state rehabilitation tax credit for Kansas in 2001. The program provides for a state income, privilege, or premiums tax credit equal to 25% of qualified expenses on qualified historic structures used for either income-producing or non-income-producing purposes. The Kansas State Historic Preservation Office administers the program. For details about this program, including qualifications and the forms that need to be completed, click here.

Heritage Trust Fund (state grant program)

The Heritage Trust Fund program, which was enacted in 1990, provides for the awarding of state grants for the preservation of properties listed on the national or state registers of historic places. All registered properties except for those owned by the state or federal governments are eligible for these grants. An opportunity is given annually for eligible owners to submit applications. Applicants other than for-profit corporations will have to provide a cash match of 20 percent and will have to agree to follow the Secretary of the Interior's Standards in carrying out their projects. For-profit corporations must provide a dollar-for-dollar cash match. All projects are subject to a five year maintenance agreement.

Historic Preservation Fund grants (federal grant program)

The Historic Preservation Fund provides support for activities that will assist in planning for the preservation of historic structures and archeological sites. Eligible activities include surveys of historic and prehistoric sites, preparation of nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, preparation of historic preservation plans, and educational activities that inform the public about local historic resources and historic preservation issues and techniques. The funds are provided by an annual grant from the National Park Service and are passed through as subgrants by the Kansas State Historical Society. Up to fifty percent of the overall cost of project activities can be supported by the program. Match can be in the form of cash or donated labor and services. Applications for funding are accepted annually.

Preservation Tax Incentives (federal)

Federal legislation provides for tax incentives to spur the rehabilitation of historic properties. Preservation tax incentives are available for any qualified project that the Secretary of the Interior designates a certified rehabilitation of a certified historic structure. A certified historic structure is any building that is listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places or located in a registered historic district and identified as contributing to the district. The KHPO functions as the intermediary between the project sponsors and the National Park Service. In order that the work is planned and carried out in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties which are used to evaluate the work, the office provides applicant's with technical information and recommends appropriate preservation treatments and methods. Because tax incentives are available for contributing buildings in National Park Service certified local districts, communities may be interested in developing appropriate historic landmark ordinances and district designation. The KHPO provides assistance in drafting ordinances, their review, and review of districts before the National Park Service certifies these districts.

Kansas Neighborhood Revitalization Act

The Kansas Neighborhood Revitalization Act allows the governing body of any municipality to pass an ordinance designating an area within that municipality as a "Neighborhood Revitalization Area" if it finds that "the rehabilitation, conservation or redevelopment of the area is necessary to protect the public health, safety or welfare of the residents of the municipality." The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas has passed such an ordinance. The details of how the program works, coverage area, and application process can be found here. Westheight Manor is in the designated NRA area.