1102 Hoel Parkway

Hoel Parkway, Westheight Manor

Burdette B. Nance Residence
1102 Hoel Parkway
J. G. Braecklein, Architect
Built 1921

Although a $40,000 Italian Renaissance villa was to have occupied the northwest corner of State Avenue and Hoel Parkway, only a two-story garage building at the rear of the lot was built. (It is presently used as a residence, addressed as 1106 Hoel Parkway). By 1924, Mr. Nance was offering the property for sale, as he had decided to move to California. A pen and ink rendering of the proposed house was included in a June 19, 1921 article in the Kansas City Kansas. It bears at least a superficial resemblance to DeFoe and Carroll's Robertson house of 1922-23.

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