1211 North 22nd Street

1211 North 22nd Street, Westheight Manor

John W. Oyer Residence
1211 North 22nd Street
Architect unknown (private plans)
Built 1923

A two-story, tile block house faced with wood-trimmed stucco related to the Prairie Style. The horizontality of this design is very pronounced, with parapets screening either a flat or very low hipped roof. Less accomplished than the Prairie Style house at 1301 North 22nd Street, but in some ways more daring, it long suffered from unsympathetic minor alterations. This house was further altered in appearance by an unsympathetic 1980 remodeling. This remodeling does not conform to the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. Oyer was a plumbing and heating contractor who did much of the work in Westheight and Parkwood. His partner, Stanley Richardson, resided at 1828 Washington Boulevard. A photograph of this house was included in a March 23, 1924 article on Westheight Manor in the Kansas City Kansan.

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