1220 North 22nd Street

1220 North 22nd Street, Westheight Manor

Ernest L. Betton Residence
1220 North 22nd Street
Architect unknown
Built 1919

The first phase in the Modern movement in architecture came with the development of the Arts and Crafts style, of which this home is a representative example. Its low-pitched roof, wide eaves, terraced exterior and lack of ornamentation are all characteristic of that style. False half-timbering is probably non-original.

Built by the Hoel Realty Co., the first resident was Jesse Hoel's brother-in-law, Ernest L. Betton, president of Betton Manufacturing Co. Ernest L. and Edna F. Betton purchased some 20 acres of Westheight Manor No. 2 from Hanford L. and Nettie Kerr in 1917, and sold the property (less their house) to Hoel in 1922.

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