1301 North 22nd Street

1301 North 22nd Street, Westheight Manor

Edward Callendar Residence
1301 North 22nd Street
Architect unknown (private plans)
Built 1919

A two-story, stucco house with wood and brick trim and broad-eaved hipped roof in the style of the Prairie School. Quite nicely handled, with the present painting reflecting the articulation of the wood trim. It is typical of the small cubical Prairie house as seen repeatedly in the work of William Drummond and Walter Burley Griffin, and ultimately based on Frank Lloyd Wright's design for the Ladies Home Journal in 1907. Another local example of this type, still in original condition, is the Judge Louis Gates Residence at 4146 Cambridge, also on the National Register of Historic Places. This house was constructed for the Hoel Realty Co. by the Westheight Manor Building Co., presumably another of Jesse Hoel's enterprises. The first owner of record was Edward Callender, owner of Callender Printing Company. A watercolor rendering of the house was included in a March 27, 1921 advertisement for Westheight Manor in the Kansas City Kansan.

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