2005 Washington Avenue

Washington Ave., Westheight Manor

Leslie M. King Residence
2005 Washington Avenue
Architect unknown (private plans)
Built 1919-20

Originally addressed as 2007 Washington Avenue. As originally built, this two-story, wood frame and stucco house may have been the most authentic example of the Prairie Style in Westheight Manor. it was constructed by the Westheight Manor Building Co., presumably another of Jesse Hoel's enterprises. The first owner was Leslie M. King, owner of the Whistle Bottling Company. At some point the side wings were either added on or enclosed in clapboard, and the whole painted white in an attempt to convert it to a vaguely "Colonial" appearance. More recently, the house has been encased in vinyl siding. This alteration does not conform to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilatation.

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