2202 Everett Avenue

Everett Avenue, Westheight Manor

Dr. Harry S. McKenzie Residence
2202 Everett Avenue
Victor J. DeFoe, Architect
Built 1922

Although outside the boundary of the Westheight Manor subdivision, this house is an integral part of the visual composition at the intersection of 22nd Street and Washington Boulevard. This house is a two-story, wood frame structure, stucco with stone trim and a massive red tile roof. Spanish Barogue parapets, squat, close set columns, the roof, and a front door with a circular opening would all seem to suggest the Mission Revival, but with a certain flavor of the Arts and Crafts Movement common to most of DeFoe's work. In 1981, a small addition was made to the second story over an existing side porch. This addition does not conform to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.

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