2335 Washington Boulevard

Washington Blvd., Westheight Manor

"The Ideal Home" / Guy Stanley Residence
2335 Washington Boulevard
Architect: Charles E. Keyser
Built 1925-26

This two and one-half story, Colonial Revival house was built as "The Ideal Home", a joint project of the Kansas City, Kansas Real Estate Board and the Kansas City Kansan newspaper. It was intended as a tour home, a common enough idea now but a rarity at the time. The idea was first put forth at a meeting of the Real Estate Board on 16 February 1925, and went forward with great speed. On 24 February the site was chosen, and the following day many local tradesmen agreed to furnish material at cost or greatly reduced prices. At a Board meeting on 26 May, Jesse Hoel proposed that a holding company be incorporated to build, manage, and sell the Ideal Home. This was unanimously approved and the Ideal Home Building Company was subsequently formed.

The architect, Charles E. Keyser, was chosen in a closed competition with J. G. Braecklein and Victor J. DeFoe. The general contractor was F. S. Clark. The three bedroom house included all the latest advances and many extras, such as built-ins, a sun porch, and two half baths in addition to one full bath, one of which was in the basement. Once completed, the home was quite popular; it opened on Sunday, 25 April 1926, with a special ten-page section in the Kansan, which later reported 4,000 visitors during one showing. The house was later sold by bid or auction. The first owner was Guy Stanley, the local attorney who was instrumental in the founding and development of the Fairfax Industrial District.

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