900 North Washington Boulevard

900 North Washington Blvd., Westheight Manor

Callie G. Falconer Residence
900 North Washington Boulevard
Architect unknown (private plans)
Built 1924

This two-story, wood frame house with side gambrels and prominent, continuous dormers is a more "correct" example of the Colonial Revival than the house built more or less simultaneously for Mrs. Falconer's daughter and son-in-law, Mable and Charles L. Edwards. Edwards may have been the builder of both houses. The widow of furniture store owner J. C. Falconer, Mrs. Falconer's two sons also resided on North Washington Boulevard, at 906 North Washington Boulevard and 1024 North Washington Boulevard. Mrs. Falconer was among the nine original property owners in this part of Westheight, and participated in its replatting as Westheight Manor No. 5 in 1926.

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