Westminster Court

Westminster Court, Westheight Manor

English Garden City Courtyard
Westminster Court
Courtland Van Brunt and Edward Buehler Delk, Associated Architects
Fred S. Wilson, Engineer
Built 1924

This development for the Hoel Realty Co. of five houses and two townhouses about a central court, with vehicular access at the periphery is unique in Kansas City and remains a notable advance over today's development practice. Both the court and architecture of the individual structures seem to derive from the English "Garden City" concept. The two-story, wood frame and roughcast houses are not quite Twenties' Tudor in style, lacking the brick, stone, and fake half-timbering, but rather seem to reflect the concepts of Charles Voysey and the English Arts and Crafts Movement. Houses similar in style, but without the Garden City layout, were designed by Van Brunt for J. C. Nichols in the 400 Block of Greenway Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri in 1919-1920. Edward Delk was a local architect of some note. Among his other works are the original concept for the Country Club Plaza, 1922, and the Starlight Theatre, 1951. A watercolor rendering of the south side of the court, as well as a copy of the plat, was included in an August 17, 1924 advertisement in the Kansas City Kansan. .

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