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October 2004


Hallowe'en Party

Light Up!

Home Repairs

Holiday Social Events

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004
St. Paul's Church at 18th & Washington Blvd., (enter through the back door).
Please refer to the schedule below for the next general meeting and board meeting

It's Election Time Again!

Th Bi-State II cultural sales tax issue will be on the ballot for the November election. Wayne Franklin will be here to explain to us what your vote means to Wyandotte County and the entire Metropolitan community. Questions will be answered so that we may be well informed on the issue when we enter the polls on November 2nd. Remember that the polling place has changed for most of our neighborhood: for Ward 10, Precincts 1, 2 and 3 now vote at Forrest Grove Missionary Baptist Church at 1117 N. 28th Street. If you have any questions about this election, please call the Election Office a 913-334-1414.

2004 Neighborhood Activity Dates

October 5, Tuesday, General Membership meeting
October 11, Monday, Columbus Day
October 13, Wednesday, Board meeting
October 30, Saturday, Children's Hallowe'en Party
October 31, Sunday, Hallowe'en
November 2, Tuesday, General Membership meeting, Board elections, National elections
November 25, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

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Hallowe'en Party

Home Repairs

Holiday Social Events

Hallowe'en Children's Party

Bring your ghosts, witches, superheros, movie stars and princesses to the Annual Westheight Children's Hallowe'en party on Saturday, October 30th. As usual, we will be meeting at Triangle Park at 5:00 p.m. and parade to St. Paul's Church for the party. There will be activities, games, hot dogs, refreshments and treat bags for all kids and perhaps some lucky adults as well. Please call Susan Maier and reserve a spot for your trick-or-treaters and call to help with the parade and party: 321-5425. Hope to see you there.


Light Up Your Home!

Sign up for the 2004 Holiday Lighting Contest sponsored by Kansas City Board of Public Utilities and Operation Brightside, Inc. To enter the 21st annual residential holiday Lighting Contest in Kansas City, Kansas, please call Operation Brightside at 913-573-8735, by Monday, December 6, 2004.
Neighborhood and business leaders will judge homes between December 7 and December 12. Finalists will be chosen from twelve geographical areas. Winners will then be judged between December 12 and December 17, 2004.

    Contest categories are:
  1. Brightside Best - overall best lighting.
  2. Originality - the most creative
  3. Brightlights - the brightest home

The Brightside Best winner will receive a $100 credit on one's BPU bill. Winners of the Originality and Brightlights categories will each receive a $50 credit. Winners from the previous three years are not eligible. For more information, please call Operation Brightside at (913) 573-8735.

Need to Do Home Repairs or Renovation?

Check into receiving a state tax credit for preserving our neighborhood. I recently had a leak in my clay tile roof, and contacted the State Historical Society to find out about getting a state income tax credit for a portion of the repair costs. The procedure is not difficult or involved.

Here are the basics: You must live in a qualified historic-designated home or neighborhood such as Westheight Manor. Project expenses must exceed $5,000 ( you can combine small projects ). You need to complete the forms, enclose photos and receive approval before you start the work. There is a processing fee. You may receive a tax credit of 25% of qualifying expenses, after approval and completion of the final documents.

For more information, go to, or call Katrina L. Klingaman, Tax Credit Programs Coordinator at the Historical Society, at
(785) 272-8681, ext. 226. Her e-mail address is

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Hallowe'en Party

Home Repairs

Light Up!

Holiday Social Events

'Tis the Season (Well, Almost)

This year HWNA will conduct three fun-filled events. Our goal is to have at least one event that every household will attend or in which they will be a participant.

Family Christmas Party

The date has not yet been set, but, our General Membership Meeting will be transformed into an evening of food, fun, and sharing of the holiday spirit. Rumor has it that even ol' Santa will attend! We will let you know soon which evenings to set aside... you won't want to miss it. And, if you want to help plans this event, contact Liz Cooper at 281-0301.

Outdoor Lighting Contest

At the Family Christmas Party, the HWNA will give out awards to those households that decide to kick the kiloWatts up a notch or two, by decorating the exterior of their homes with holiday lighting. Several awards will be given, so plan now to participate, if even in a small way. This committee also will decorate the entrances and street light poles. To volunteer, your help, call Carolyn Walden at 371-2828.

City Lights Bus Tour

From the feedback by many that attended last year, this could be the most fun event of the year! We start off by chartering a bus, load it with a lot of adult cheer and snacks, and then tour the main holiday lights of Kansas City, including Longview Farm and the Country Club Plaza. Space is limited. Volunteers helping on this event are guaranteed a seat. If interested, call Larry Dean at 371-0100.

Don't Forget to Advertise

If you live in Westheight, you are entitled to advertise your services in this newsletter. For $5 an ad, you can purchase a 2" by 3.5" block. What a great and inexpensive way to become better known. Your neighbors would love to support you and your work! Contact the editorial staff at 342-5256 or e-mail the text of your ad to The deadline to place an ad in the August newsletter is July 20, 2004.

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