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 Rehabilitating an Historic Structure



Kansas Historic Preservation Law

State and Federal Preservation Standards

The Kansas Historical Preservation Office

The National Register

Listing a Property on the National Register

Grants and Incentives

The Historical Preservation  Board of Review

A List of Historic Sites in Wyandotte County

Unified Government Landmarks Ordinance

The Landmarks Commission

Homeowner's Guide to Real Estate Property Tax

A Guide to appealing your Real Estate Tax Valuation

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Kansas Historic Preservation Office (KHPO)
Program Explanation

The state historic preservation program fosters the preservation of the archeological, architectural, and cultural heritage of Kansas. The KHPO does not itself preserve properties but seeks to heighten the awareness of property owners and decision makers. The KHPO serves as the staff for the state historic preservation officer and administers the state as well as the federal preservation program within Kansas. Historic preservation assistance is provided at no charge to federal, state, and local governments; planning, engineering, architectural, and other consulting firms; local historical societies; other non-profit organizations; private property owners; and any interested organization, firm, or individual whether or not the properties have been listed on the national or state registers.

Learn more about the Kansas Historic Preservation Office at their web site.

The State of Kansas offers tax credits for rehabilitation of historic structures. For more information about this program, click to read this document.

Click for application forms for rehabiliation certification tax credit.